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The Wild At Heart

Lead Programmer,
(September 2017 - Present)
I'm building a game with Sleep Ninja Games in Unity. We built a functional prototype that we showed at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. To fit the needs of a large world with lots of persistant moving agents and objects, I built my own tile-based collision system.

Mobile Game Project with Crystal Fish Games

Lead Programmer,
(September 2017 - January 2018)
I built a mobile game with Crystal Fish Games supporting iOS and Android phones and tablets. We made it a decision to take extra care into making clean, documented code.

Online Battle Arena

Project Lead, Lead Programmer, Designer,
(June 2017 - November 2017)
I built a real-time online competitive game that borrows concepts from card games and 'MOBA' games like Leage of Legends. The game runs on a node server and is rendered with React for mobile and desktop browsers. This project challenged me to render complex scenes in CSS while optimizing for mobile.

OK K.O.! Dynamite's Action News

Project Lead, Lead Programmer, Designer,
Wake Robin Games,
(June 2016 - May 2017)
I led our team of three in making this mobile game with Cartoon Network. I programmed it in C# with the Unity engine. Many of the design and programming challenges came from our desire to have an exciting narrative action in the style of a real cartoon. The resulting game packs a ton of sounds and high resolution hand-animated art into the 100 MB over-the-air download limit on iOS.

The game was announced at PAX East and will be released for iOS, Android, and Amazon phones and tablets soon.

The Training Ground: Timbers E-Games

Lead Games Programmer,
Wake Robin Games,
(March 2017 - May 2017)
I programmed a series of six JavaScript web games using the HTML5 canvas. They were optimized to run smoothly on mobile devices and across browsers. All of them played sound, and one was even a rhythm game, and all of the games' sound worked consistently across mobile devices, which ain't easy!

Personal Website (you're on it right now!)

Designer, Programmer,
(May 2017 - Present)
I've rebuilt this site many times over the years as a way to apply the lessons I've learned with UX, design, and web technologies. This latest incarnation that you're on now was originally created in React to explore it's interesting declarative integration of the JS and the DOM. I converted the site to use Jekyll for increased flexibility. I wrote a blog post about the conversion process.

TOCS Archive

Project Lead, Lead Programmer, Mentor,
(April 2015 - June 2016)
I created an archive process for four 1,000,000+ row tables in a SQL Server database with SQL and SSIS processes that is currently in production at ODOT. I then lead and mentored a team of four student developers through the next phase in a scrum-like environment to extend the process to more than 200 other tables. I was involved with drafting the requirements with clients and helped draft the project budget. I utilized metaprogramming and generated many of the SQL scripts with Python.

Hobby Game Development

Designer, Programmer, Art Roles,
(2006 - Present)
Making games has been a long-time hobby of mine since 2006! Publishing my games online has helped me understand working through full project life-cycles, customer feedback, and creating polished user experiences. I continue building prototypes to this day, many of which you can find on my Games page.