Terminal Rain: A game where you search for meaning in a city sprawl world, avoiding the crushing influence of mega-corps, with only the neon light to guide you…

Welcome to the second devlog for Terminal Rain! I’d first like to show you some of the graphical updates I’ve been working on. I put some work into lights, making them brighter and larger, as well as improving their reflections. I also revamped a bit of the tilemap.

Terminal Rain motel exterior

Lights wash over the streets with a lot more intensity than before. Some of the tiles have been updated, like the windows and avatar.

Terminal Rain motel interior

The motel interior hasn’t drastically changed, but the new look for people really changes the feel of it.

In the last update, heads tended to blend in with the background, and I spend some time coming up with a way to increase their visibility. I’ve chosen to differentiate the main character with a Snake Pliskin inspired eye patch. Since it’s a roguelike, I’m imagining each new character you play has a unique reason for why they wear it.

Terminal Rain motel wiring

The hacking view.

I’ve worked a lot on the hacking system, which involves actually traversing the wires of the building you’re in. Almost by accident, my work looks like a cool “electrical diagram” view that might make you reminisce back to physics or electrical engineering classes. Right now it’s fairly simple, but you can ‘hack’ through obstacles (slashes in the hacking view, locked doors in the real world) consuming energy, which can be replenished by hacking cellphones (two are in view in this screenshot). This comes with consequences, as too much hacking will bring the cyber-police on your trail. Exciting, isn’t it?

Terminal Rain hack log

Hacking a cellphone. Don’t do this in real life!

Anyway, that’s all for now. It’s hard to predict what I’ll do next, but I think I’d like to have a computer you can hack, and I’ll show you the cyber-police, which will hopefully do more than just follow you and stand patiently. Thanks for reading!

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