Dynamite’s Action News, the game I made with Wake Robin Games has finally released! It’s a free mobile game and you should drop everything you’re doing and download it now. This game would never have happened without Will Lewis and Corey Warning’s work at Rose City Games making the Cartoon Network game jam happen, as well as all the lovely participants with whom we duked it out with. I’m extremely grateful to all of you. I don’t know what’s holding CN up from hosting your games, (or showing the documentary) but I hope that all happens soon since they owe it to all of you and your creative, passionate work.

Dynamite's Action News banner

Conley, Nathan and I wrapped this project up last summer so it’s been a bit of an agonizing wait for release. This was a passion project for all of us and I’m thankful to get to work on such a committed team. There were some beautiful creative battles behind the scenes because we love the universe and Dynamite’s character so much and I hope that passion comes through in the game!

Download Dynamite’s Action News for iOS or Android