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( Here are a few of the games I've made, enjoy! )

OK K.O. Dynamite's Action News

( 2017 )  Mobile, Casual, Kids, Narrative, Unity, C#  
My Role: Programmer, Writer, Designer, UI Designer

More details coming soon! Made with Wake Robin Games.


Play Online ( 2013 )  Strategy, Persuasion, Flash, ActionScript 3.0  
My Role: Creator

Grab your clipboard and brush up on your social skills: It’s time to raise money on the streets for charity! Canvasser is a persuasion game, and it’s all about getting the most donations possible before the day ends. Can you sustain interest, trust, and get your town to care about Evergreen Forest before it’s too late?

Writing about Canvasser

“Through its mechanics, Canvasser presents an unbiased perspective on the occupation of canvassing (on-foot fundraising), illustrating both the highs and lows of the job without being heavy-handed or overly critical.”
—Alexander Feigenbaum

“...Just might make you think twice the next time you go to reflexively brush that person on the street corner with the clipboard off.”
—Dora at jayisgames.com

“...Eerily familiar to my own experience.”
—Chris Priestman at Indie Statik

Videos about Canvasser

Monster Buds

Download from Itch.io ( 2016 )  Web, Casual, Prototype, Unity, C#  
My Role: Programmer, Designer, Environmental Artist

This is a game inspired by Animal Crossing made for the 2016 Game Boy Jam. There's a lot of ways to interact with the environment like planting, fishing, and trading items with the monster buds!


Play Online ( 2016 )  Web, Casual, Prototype, Jam Game, Unity, C#  
My Role: Programmer

Made in 48 hours with Conley Smith on art and Nathan Franks on sounds for Global Game Jam 2016. Featured in this Portland Mercury article!

Animal Rush: War!

Play Online ( 2014 )  Strategy, Arcade, Multi-player, Flash, ActionScript 3.0  
My Role: Creator

In this game, animals have taken over a post-apocaliptic and have organized into multi-specie armies that constantly fight over territory! Play against your friend or the computer in this strange new world!

Organ Donor

Play Online ( 2014 )  Casual, Artsy, Flash, ActionScript 3.0  
My Role: Creator

This is little game I made for a organ-donation-themed game jam.

It's A Monster!

Play Online ( 2010 )  Action, Brawler, Flash, ActionScript 2.0  
My Role: Creator

This is a game about being a monster and eating and throwing things.