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OK K.O.! Dynamite's Action News

(2017) Unity3d C# Mobile Casual Kids Story
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This is a fast-paced casual game where you play as star reporter Dynamite Watkins in the universe of Cartoon Network's OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes! Uncover the secrets of the evil fog by getting big question combos and don't let the bad guys get away with it!
Download this game for free on your phone or tablet with the links above!
My Roles: Programmer, Writer, Game Design, UI Design
I made this with Conley Smith and Nathan Franks and got the contract as a result of winning the 2016 Portland Cartoon Network game jam competition with them. We formed Wake Robin Games to make a game we hoped would inspire kids to act justly and ask questions for themselves!

Terminal Rain

(2018) C# OpenGL Cyberpunk Open-World Procedural Generation
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Search for meaning in an cyberpunk city sprawl, with only the neon light to guide you... This is a game where you play as a hacker trying to make their way up in the world.
My Roles: Designer Programmer Artist
I've had a dream to buid a living, dynamic cyberpunk world for a long time. The goal for this game is to procedurally generate an almost infinite city sprawl with fully explorable buildings. The aesthetic is directly inspired by terminal graphics and ASCII art, as well as classic cyberpunk films and media.

Star Gems

(2017) JavaScript Web Arcade
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Manipulate a world of stars, creating black holes and discover what's on the other side! This is an unpredictable score-attack bullet-hell game that lets the player create their own strategies for getting points as efficiently as they can.
My Roles: Designer, Programmer, Artist
I prototyped this game for the Game Maker's Toolkit jam, where the theme was mult-purpose design. I liked the concept enough that I decided to keep building on it!

Bad Actors

(2017) Unity3d Multiplayer Party Game Shakespeare
In Development
Act out silly and strange plays with your friends! Utilize the full range of human expression with expressive controls for your character's face and arms. Choose from dialogue wheels to change the course of the play! Create funny and dramatic scenes with physics-based props!
My Roles: Designer Programmer 3D Modeller
I am making this game to capture the fun and frenzy of acting and improv theater. Right now it just includes a parody of Romeo and Juliet where two actors can take on multiple roles and subvert the source text together.


(2014) ActionScript 3.0 Flash Web Strategy Persuasion
Play Online at GameJolt.com
Grab your clipboard and brush up on your social skills: It’s time to raise money on the streets for charity! Canvasser is a persuasion game, and it’s all about getting the most donations possible before the day ends. Can you sustain interest, trust, and get your town to care about Evergreen Forest before it’s too late?
My Roles: Programmer, Writer, Artist, Game Design, Music, Sound
I built this game after the unforgettable experiences I had as a Canvasser. I wanted to take the lessons I learned and the paradoxes I faced in the short time I spent fundraising and teach them through this game.

Monster Buds

(2016) Unity3d C# Download Open-ended Life-sim Crafting
Download from Itch.io
You've moved into a new neighborhood, and the bad news is that all your neighbors are monsters! The good news is that they're pretty cool. Collect things, build paths, fences, and live your life the monster way!
My Roles: Programmer, Game Design, Environmental Artist
This was made for the 2016 Game Boy Jam with Conley Smith and Nathan Franks. You might think of it as an Animal Crossing de-make. We wanted to see what the simplest form of that genre would look like, and we're pretty happy with the peaceful world we created!
These are some of the older games I've made! All require flash player to play.