Canvasser is in Alpha!

It’s official, Canvasser is in alpha stage. That means the game is feature-complete; all of the gameplay is in, and now I’m just polishing it.

Of course, polishing takes quite a while. I’ve also been dealing with school and another super secret game project that I can’t wait to tell everyone about. But I have found some time here and there to implement the following changes to Canvasser:

  1. I’ve added sound effects! So far they are mostly for the in-game menu. I also added footstep sounds to the civilians that fade in when they get closer to the player. Next I’ll be tackling environmental sounds like birds chirping and river sounds for the waterfront area etc.
  2. I’ve added sweaters! Before this I only had two types of shirts with three colors each, but I’m finally at the point in production where I can start safely adding more assets for the people in the game. I also touched up a bunch of the pixel art since a lot of it is a couple months old.
  3. Bug fixes / general balancing! These are the most boring of updates and also the most difficult to do, so that’s kinda cool.
  4. Rain effects! Sometimes it rains when you are canvassing. When this happens, less people show up and they tend to care less.
  5. More writing! I took a lot of inspiration for Katamari Damacy and made the boss completely unable to be impressed. It makes the boss a little more of a fun character. (S)he also gets pissed when you don’t make enough money. “There are TREES on the line! Majestic trees!”

And… that’s about it. I’ll upload a video with the sound effects in it at some point. It’s really amazing how juicy they make the gameplay.

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