New Canvasser Alpha Video

Canvasser Alpha Gameplay

I still can’t figure out how to embed youtube videos into this thing, but click the link above for some Alpha footage! It goes by fast, so here’s a summary of all the changes since my last video:

  1. “Give Rap” button.
  2. Indicators show exactly how much care and trust you are boosting
  3. You can change the “Target” amount between $5, $30, and $100
  4. Black box shows exactly how care and trust are changing how much money the civilian will give
  5. Confidence meter boosts after successful donations, and drains slowly over time.
  6. Higher confidence will allow you to boost the civ’s care and trust even more. Hit it on the upswing for max boost.
  7. Civilian age is displayed, and some conversation replies will have different effects depending on it.

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