Jackson Lango

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( This is a resume-styled writeup of my programming-related skills and projects. You can use the buttons below to highlight keywords on the page. )




TOCS Archive

( April 2015 – Present )  SQL, Python, SSIS, TFS, Visual Studio, SSMS, Windows  

In phase 1, I created an archive process for four large tables in a MSSQL Server database using SQL and SSIS. It's currently in production at ODOT. Now in phase 2, my team is creating the archive process for the rest of the tables.

Game Development


Play Online ( 2012 – 2013 )  ActionScript  

I designed and programmed this web-game about street fundraisers saving a forest from clearcutting loosely based on my own experiences.

Other Games And Prototypes

View More ( 2006 – Present )  ActionScript, Unity, C#, JavaScript, HTML5, C++, Git, Mercurial, Windows, Android  

I have developed and published 11 flash games online since 2006. Recently I have created quite a few prototypes in the languages and frameworks listed above, but mostly with C# and Unity.

Concurrent SystemC

Source on Github ( September 2014 – May 2015 )  C++, Linux, Git  

Our team of three added concurrency to SystemC as our Oregon State senior capstone project for Intel. SystemC is an open-source C++ class library that is used to simulate systems and hardware.

Forth Language Translator

( January 2015 – March 2015 )  Python, Forth  

This program translated from a simple, invented, C-like language into GNU’s Forth implementation, Gforth. The language included if-statements, loops and functions. The translator parses its input into a syntax tree and transforms it into the equivalent Gforth program.

Sentence Diagrammer

Source on Github ( 2015 )  Python, F#, Git  

This is a work-in-progress, open-source sentence diagrammer that builds a parse tree out of English sentences. The initial implementation was in F# but I've since rewritten and expanded on it in Python.

Portfolio Website

Source on Github ( 2012 – Present )  JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Git  

I have continually created and recreated a portfolio website that focuses on my coding projects, game development and artwork. You're looking at the current iteration right now, which I made using Skeleton for the boilerplate and hilitor.js for the cool highlighting buttons at the top of the page. What do you think? ☺