Golden Nights Gif Roundup #4 – Some Enemies

I’m kind of embarrased that my latest post is a “Happy Holidays” post. So I threw together some gifs with some of my latest spritework for Golden Nights!

The Manticore has a creepy grin and a nasty bite attack. It’s one of the scarier mythological creatures with a human head and three rows of teeth. Oh, and it sounds like a trumpet.

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Happy Holidays!

It was around the holiday season in 2011 that I first started this blog, so that makes this about the second year anniversary of writing this thing! It’s been a while since my last post; I’ve been super busy pursuing a Computer Science degree, and the classes are starting to get fairly challenging. But more than that, it always takes me a while after a big project to find another idea I really like. I think I’ve gone through about six separate prototypes in the past six months, trying to see what sticks (including that strategy RPG I briefly posted about).

I’m also still working on Golden Nights artwork. Hopefully I’ll have some new stuff to post up here soon.

Presenting… Animal Rush: War!

So the other weekend I made a game for the Indie Speed Run competition. It’s an arcade/strategy game where you control an animal army taking over post-apocalyptic cities, and it’s called Animal Rush: War! The Indie Speed Run is a standard game jam, so I was given a prompt (sentient animals and sewer lids) and a time limit (two days) to make a complete game! Animal Rush is what came out, and to be honest it’s a bit crazy.

You can play it here!

I hadn’t had a lot of game jam experience before entering, and I learned a lot about how these things work and what strategies to employ. It turns out that it’s pretty difficult to tell whether an idea is feasible for the time limit. I constantly thought I wasn’t going to finish the game in time, but I ended up having most of it working by the end of the first day. Coming up with an idea under pressure is also really difficult, and I still don’t really know how I thought up Animal Rush (although Tokyo Jungle is an obvious big inspiration). In retrospect, I should have called up a game design buddy to bounce ideas off of.

I’m happy I participated in the game jam. There’s a lot of value in working on tiny two-day projects. It helps scale ideas down, and it really inspires creativity. The two day limit is brutal so yeah I’m planning on participating in more of these.

Canvasser Let’s Plays and Other Media!

So the other day The Indie Game Promoter was kind enough to do a little preview of my game and send me a tweet about it. Out of curiosity I typed in ‘Canvasser Game’ into a youtube search and found that there are actually a good amount of these! I already knew a couple people had done little previews and blog posts, but to see so many let’s plays really blew my mind. So without further ado, here are some of my favorite let’s plays and blog posts!

A very complimentary essay by Alexander Feigenbaum on his devblog, Amadeus GamezArt.

“Through its mechanics, Canvasser presents an unbiased perspective on the occupation of canvassing (on-foot fundraising), illustrating both the highs and lows of the job without being heavy-handed or overly critical.”

A kind review from Dora at

“Going out day after day, worrying about meeting deadlines and quotas, the frustration of getting brushed off or knowing who you’re talking to isn’t really listening to… by presenting all of this in an arcade game-like format, Canvasser gets its point across in an entertaining way without beating you over the head with it. Of course, whether that point still remains fun as a game is up to you. Sometimes funny, good looking, and definitely unique, Canvasser is worth a look…”

A review by Chris Priestman at Indie Statik

“What I find Canvasser captures very well is the ups and downs of a job like this… It was eerily familiar to my own experience.”

And now some Let’s Plays below!

This one is pretty hilarious (more after the jump):

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